WooCommerce Change Currency Symbol

Currency Symbol

Quite a lot country currency is $ (Dollar). When setup WooCommerce, some business owners will setup the currency which is $, it’s quite complicated when customer confuse about $ is belong to United States Dollar, Australian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar or others?

HTML Number

According ASCII-CODE website, HTML Number of $ isĀ [ $ ]. So we need use $ for the symbol of dollar.
Dollar Symbol HTML Number

WooCommerce Change Currency Symbol

For example, we want change the currency symbol of Singapore Dollar $ to S$, what we need is add the coding below to functions.php

// Change Currency Symbol
add_filter( 'woocommerce_currency_symbol', 'change_currency_symbol', 10, 2 );
function change_currency_symbol( $symbols, $currency ) {
	if ( 'SGD' === $currency ) {
		return 'S$';
        return $symbols;

Cart After Change Currency Symbol

WooCommerce Change Currency Symbol
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