iPhone 5s Genuine Black Gold Sell in Ebay

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iPhone 5s Genuine Black Gold Sell in Ebay

A iPhone-customize company, Elite Gold Designs LLC sell the only one in the world iPhone 5s, a iPhone 5s Genuine Black Gold 64GB in Ebay. They claim that the iPhone 5s Genuine Black Gold is the first and the only one in the world with Genuine Apple parts currently. This iPhone 5s is 64GB and factory unlocked. Its’ selling price is USD $3,600 and still available for this moment.

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Seller’s Notes

The Black model iPhone 5S was purchased new from apple, A gold white iPhone 5S was also purchased to use the frame from the gold iphone 5S to the black iPhone 5S.

Apple Has Not Made, They Made

Apple has not made the black gold model but Elite Gold Designs LLC made it. They use a Space Grey model and a Gold model, take apart professional to build one special Black Gold model. It’s a unique Black iPhone 5s with Gold frame. It’s made by all OEM genuine parts from Apple and not aftermarket or knock off parts.

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iPhone 5s Genuine Black Gold06

iPhone 5s Genuine Black Gold05

International Shipping is Available

Elite Gold Designs LLC said that international shipping is available. Those who are interest about this iPhone 5s may contact with them or ask for any question. Sound expensive because it combine two iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5S Genuine Black Gold Model Currently the only one in the world!! 64GB

Please do hesitate to contact me if you found out any mistake.

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